Meet the Maker

Hi I'm Roxy!

I'm a teacher in Colorado, and I started my soap company while I was in college. My daughter had severe eczema when she was two (now she's twenty-two) and I was on a mom-mission to find something that could heal and comfort her skin. I started reading tons of books on plants, essential oils, and taking courses on ayurvedic medicine and thanks to The Complete Soapmaker by Norma Cooney, I made my first batch of chamomile and calendula infused soap and I was hooked on the outcome! Days after my daughter bathed with my first homemade soap, her skin was healed. Life after that has always been in goggles and gloves.

Today, I just want you to have the option to wash with something healthy, made the old fashioned way. I make natural skincare that you can trust to use on your face and body -- even for the most fragile. I'm rooting for you!

Hope in soap